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Holosources are named remote Git branches that content can be pulled from during projection. They can refer to any ref or hash in a remote repository, and optionally a holobranch within that.

Overriding via environment

Holosources can be overridden via HOLO_SOURCE_* environment variables.

Variable names

For example, a source named parent-blueprint could be overridden via HOLO_SOURCE_PARENT_BLUEPRINT. The transformation from source name to environment variable name is applied as follows:

  • Hyphens (-) replaced with underscores (_)
  • All letters capitalized

Change URL

You can change just the URL, preserving declared ref+holobranch:


Local paths work too:


Change ref

You can change just the ref, preserving declared url+holobranch:


Change holobranch

You can change just the holobranch, preserving declared url+ref:


Change everything

You can reconfigure an entire source:


Or clear out a declared holobranch component to use a native ref directly: